Why is My Telus Webmail Not Working?

In case the browser issue checks out go for DNS settings

This is a service usually provided by your internet service provider.  Sometimes this DNS address creates problem leading to Telus.net webmail problems or telus webmail not working.In that case:

✔   Start with clearing all the local cache files to make sure that your grabbing the most recent file provided by your ISP
✔   Open command prompt from the windows start menu
✔   Type the command ipconfig/flushdns and hit ENTER.
✔   Note that this step might vary according to your operating system
✔   In case you are accessing your office internet to open Telus webmail from 3G network , it is advisable that you try to access a different IP address.

Having trouble while sending or receiving Telus mails then, read this guide: 
Can’t send or receive email on Telus Webmail

In Case You Have Other Problems

·         In case you can’t even access the page it could be that your account is not registered or you are entering incorrect credentials while you trying sign in Telus.net webmail
·         In case your account hasn’t been activated you need to activate your account
·         For this, click on ‘activate now’ option to complete the registration process.
·         Then confirm your email address to activate your account·        
Check your login credentials carefully as, the user id and password are case sensitive.
In case, you have made 5 unsuccessful attempts to login to your account, it will get automatically closed.

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