The 10 Most Reliable Eyeliners, According To Makeup Artists

One of the biggest mistakes women make when trying a new makeup color is combining warm and cool tones with no real strategy. “If you use cold shades in your eyes, choose a cold lip color; If you choose warm tones in your eyes, choose a warm lip color, ”says Quinn. “The same goes for the blush. The only warm element that works both cold and warm is the bronzer. According to New York City-based makeup artist Clara Rae, this is the liquid lining used by Amy Winehouse. It is ideal for making wings: the tip is “super pointed and flexible”, says Rae, and it moves with the contours of her eye. It also has a “very rich black” pigment that dries very matt, is stain resistant and lasts until 16 hours.

Sometimes, when you push the point down, it can start to get splinter and thicker, creating uneven lines.’The use of the side of the pencil guarantees a more uniform result. ‘The best thing about using a pencil lining is that it doesn’t have to be clean.”!Carly explains. “If you’re using a pencil, tap or scribble along the tab line to fill in the gaps between your tabs, don’t try to draw a straight line.”.” The first step in learning to apply eyeliner is very similar to learning to apply the concealer or choosing the best base – much is based on selecting the best eyeliner for you. Dazzling eyes are generally divided into three categories; pencils, gels and liquids, which then branch into their own small felt-tip subsets, ink pencil pots, paint vinyls and more. Three makeup artists reveal how to apply eyeliner as a professional. Use your favorite lipstick color without worrying about it flattering or fading in a lipstick.

It is easy to mix and you can add just the right amount of “stain” to end up with a smoked eye. Make sure the lining is thicker in the outer corner and thinner the line to the inner corner. Align the entire eyelid to open the eye and make it look bigger.” “Start in the row in the center of the lash line and head to the outer corner of the eye. Gently lift the lid to get closer to the eye. Apply the lining with gentle strokes. Make sure to apply the eyeliner generously enough to be visible when the eyes are open for most impact.” This old school trick has been around since your grandmother’s generation. Then put a handkerchief on your lips and apply translucent powder to the tissue on your lips.

If you make a daily wing, a dramatic graphic appearance or a one-dream stain, don’t worry about being perfect on the first try. ‘It’s not about perfecting your application or technique; it’s more about cleaning it up later, ‘she says. Especially if you work with a gel or pencil, lower your basic shape and then use a cotton swab and a little ice water to perfect it. I tested the white eyeliner trend when tattoo eyeliner it started popping last summer, and while I have a simple wing dominance, I was ready to try something more extreme, like the crunchy cat eye Gaga used in the video for my new hymn. Celebrity make-up artist Claudia Betancur, ambassador of the L’Oréal Paris brand, is a fan of the brand’s new Flash Cat Eye Liquid Eyeliner because “it has the perfect tip to create a precise wing and slides super soft.”.

Instead of trying to achieve the perfect appearance of the liner in one fell swoop, take it from the pros and take it. Ray suggests using an eyeliner to apply small dots near the tab line “and then connect the dots to an eyeliner brush.”A worthy tool would be the Smith Cosmetics 202 Microliner Brush. Chinchilla adds that “smaller strokes allow you to have more control and a more accurate line” regardless of the type of eyeliner you use. A trembling hand translates into unstable lines, so makeup artist and beauty expert Neil Scibelli suggests literally relying on some extra support. Place your elbow on a table, bathroom counter or other flat surface while applying the coating; This keeps your arm stable to minimize movement, which is especially useful when using liquid formulas, he says.

Hooded eyes need a little more care and experience to successfully manage your product of your choice and prevent the product from being transferred or worn all day. Fortunately, with some expert advice, you have everything you need to apply your favorite shade and lining as a professional. Once you’ve established your base, the Neil Scibelli makeup artist recommends looking for a waterproof or waterproof coating.

Go ahead, buy the top 10 liners, from pencils to liquids, according to professional makeup artists. The eye with the entire waterline seemed much more defined and deeper, which is the time of the beauty goals of Asian girls. The more he looked, the more it seemed as if the eye with only eyeliner on the upper valve was strangely bare: the line was marked and dazzling and stood out in a really unnatural way. I put the lining on my other eye and marveled at my newly clear and defined eyes.

Try the Stay All Day Smudge Stick waterproof eye liner in Abulone ($ 22, Stila Cosmetics) or the eyeliner pencil to turn pure white ($ 6, Sephora). “Color liners have come back a lot and are the best way to reproduce the natural colors of your eyes,” said famous makeup artist Matin Maulawizada, whose customers are Gal Gadot and Margot Robbie (so we listen carefully). But how do you manage the trend of the color line without just entering high school or the doors of the last music festival??

‘I always like to draw first, that’s why I use the pencil. I think this eliminates the fear of using a liquid coating. Now that he has outlined the line, he comes in with a liquid coating, ‘he explains. Just draw along the upper eyelid and push it slightly to the outer end. From your first look at your ceremony vows, there will be endless moments on your wedding day when you can shed a tear, if not a complete water course. You have prepared for the inevitable with the waterproof mascara, but to maintain that perfect aspect of bridal makeup, in the event of tears, go a step further by changing your normal eyeliner with a waterproof formula.