The formula also has a high 24-hour stain-free claim, and while I haven’t slept on it, the monsters I made in my hand in the morning didn’t move until I washed them at the end of the day. And after a permanent makeup eyebrows week of testing, the same goes for my real eyebrows, which are probably the most important indicator. Our eyebrow makeup comes in different shades and contains eyebrow pencils, powder and mascara.

Thanks to the waterproof formula, you can even swim carefree in the eyebrow pencil from Hourglass. “I love how thin it is, comfortable to hold and easy to use,” says Wizemann. “The pencil is ultra-thin, so I can achieve excellent precision with it and I love the color it offers.” There is no doubt that Benefit has the eyebrows, so the brand raises two points at our Readers’ Choice Awards 2021.

Make your eyebrows as good as possible with COVERGIRL eyebrow makeup Get the bold eyebrows of your dreams with COVERGIRL eyebrow makeup. Subtle stew with a softer shade of eyebrow pencil, mascara or powder. In a range of shades to mix and match, you will find your perfect or powder colored eyebrow pencil in our collection. It has a built-in brush that allows you to fill, shape and accurately cover grays, says the famous makeup artist Alejandro Falcon.

This mechanical style pencil has a thin tip that allows you to draw thin, hairy lines. I’ve tried a lot of bait and eyebrow serums for my curly eyebrows and this is the only one that works. The soft to touch applicator stands between all my hair and distributes the product evenly.

The Dipbrow pommade in Anastasia is also fast and waterproof. Once you’ve filled your eyebrows, you can continue your day with the confidence of perfect arches that don’t stain. The more their eyebrows are spread, the more effort they need to complete. Leave the wide colored pencils and pencils and look for a finely tipped pencil like the L’OrĂ©al Paris Brow Stylist Definer waterproof eyebrow pencil.

Once you have your arches to perfection, mix your work with the built-in spoolie to create a smooth and realistic texture. For blonde people, this filler is a great option: it comes in six shades, three of which are blond. Choose between light blond, blond or dark blond, or take two and mix them. The super precise mechanical pencil has a colored pencil-shaped tip at one end and a spoolie brush at the other. Follow your snares, then fill your eyebrows with light strokes and comb the brush for a smooth, natural finish. This Revlon waterproof eyebrow pencil offers 24-hour wear and is incredibly easy to use.