Write A Thesis Statement

In this step, simply write the document without paying attention to grammatical and spelling mistakes. Focus on the logical inclusion of the information you collected in the document during the investigation. Make sure to write an article that matches the specified number of words.

Browse the internet to be inspired by different topics of research work. If you are unsure of what is expected of you to complete the task or project, please read your task sheet carefully again or ask your teacher. Avoid themes that have only a very limited number of source materials. Be responsible, committed to the paper you write – it is the primary key to an excellent assessment. There comes a time in most students’ careers when they are assigned a research job.

You should conduct your research on peer-reviewed sources and, where possible, on primary sources written directly by someone who has conducted an investigation or made a discovery. Secondary sources have their place, but should always be considered complementary. You are now ready to combine your research results with your critical analysis of the results into a concept. You include source material in your work and carefully discuss each source regarding your dissertation or goal statement.

You will also have the opportunity to evaluate the evidence collected and determine whether you support your dissertation or the paper support focus of your work. You can decide to adjust your thesis or do additional research to ensure that your thesis is well supported.

The research process is not a linear process in which you must complete step one before proceeding with steps two or three. Therefore, consider the following research process as a guide to follow as you work your work through your work. You can (and you should!) view the steps as often as necessary to create an end product. An excellent place to start an overview of the related literature is to connect and perform a preliminary search using specific keywords related to its subject or outline.