Letters And Publications In The Ancient World

The archives in the archive address issues such as the deterioration of the relationship between India and Pakistan in the 1960s and the impact this had on the delivery and receipt of mail to and from these countries.

Often this correspondence means that the original message is slightly modified, perhaps by updating a list of intended recipients. The size of a letter contains most of the content sent through most postal services. These are usually documents printed on A4 (210 × 297 mm) paper, letter size (8.5 × 11 inches) or smaller and placed on envelopes.

In 1673, New York Governor Francis Lovelace established a monthly horse post between New York and Boston. In 1683, William Penn established Pennsylvania’s first post office, while private messengers, often slaves, delivered and collected mail in the south. The arrival of the steamboat and rail had provided the opportunity for faster international postal services, and the expansion of trade created an increasing demand for such facilities. Unfortunately, there were serious obstacles to the free exchange of international emails. Postal relations between states were the subject of bilateral postal treaties that had multiplied alarmingly in the 19th century. Most of the major European states were part of at least a dozen treaties in the 1860s.

Routes under Franklin were explored, landmarks were placed on the main roads, and more direct routes were built between the colonies. Franklin also established a faster postal service between Philadelphia and New York by having the weekly mail truck travel at night and during the day. VanArsdale, the folklorist who compiled the Paper Chain Letter Archive and wrote a treatise on the evolution of chain letters, defines chain letters as writings asking ‘explicit’ recipients to make or buy copies for distribution .

Modern alternatives may be better than paper mail because vandalism can occur with mailboxes . There are also dangers for postal operators, although some are the fault of the resident . Due to cutii postale bloc dangers or inconveniences, postmen, officers or not, may refuse to deliver mail to a particular address . However, postal mail is still widely used for business and personal communication.