Pendant Frames Perfect Every Time With These 5 Hanging Tricks

Then put the tape on the wall where you want to hang your photo. Use a level to ensure that the tape is straight and hammer the nails where the stitches are marked.”Remove the tape and you’re done. Of course you can remove the tape measure to measure the distance.

Once that step is complete, it is very easy to hang your image. If the image is safe, remove the fork and back to appreciate your work. For an apparently simple task, everything hanging on your walls can be a frustrating and difficult experience, especially when you are alone. There are several steps you need to take before you can be completely satisfied with the final product. You have to nail the nail in the perfect spot, but not too far on the wall! —And try to hook your frame to the nail successfully.

Hanging the nail in the right place on the wall can be one of the hardest things to hold onto. If you work with something with hanging holes in the back, you can photocopy it and nail the nail through the photocopy. Place some toothpaste on the back of the frame on the hook or rope .

After the frame has been pushed to the wall, a little bit of toothpaste remains. As you can see from the video, put your nail just below that point. In that case, the size of your image is too small. A good trick I found on PetaPixel is to use the painter’s tape to mark the distance between the frames of two or two holes.

Place the tape on the back of the frame as shown and mark the location of the nail hole, but then draw a line down along the width of the tape \ on the other side of the tape. You can also take a do-it-yourself approach by nailing a nail into the bottom of a paint stick. Just hang your art on the nail, place it on the wall and tap the nail to mark the place. Bilderrahmen aufhängen Hanging an image can be a task for two people, one to adjust the image, while the other person takes forever to decide if the angle is correct. But if you prefer to work on your collection alone, see TheHang and Level ($ 15). With this ingenious tool you can place art with a built-in hook that allows you to mark the wall when you find the perfect location.