The Best Tips To Keep Your Generator

It is always a good idea to check the engine oil before turning on the generator. Some generators can be shipped dry, some have a small amount of oil used to perform a bench test on the unit, and some may have a full oil tank. By running an engine in power generator repair austin texas a dry oil tank, it recovers and ends with a 50-pound stone instead of an engine and will not be good for much other than a paperweight for the world’s largest desk. Checking and replacing your oil must become a fixed facet to maintain your generator.

Without a way to breathe and a way to ignite the gas in the engine cylinders, your generator would be useless. Change your spark plug and air filter every 200 hours of use, or at least once at the beginning of each season. Having a new spark plug in combination with a clean air filter ensures a good mix of fuel and air, allowing the engine to run more efficiently and extending the life of the generator. As the colder weather approaches, it ensures that you have maintained your generator well for peace of mind that it starts no matter what Old Man Winter throws at you. Your annual generator maintenance plan must be to replace the engine oil and filter.

This leads to a different series of problems than we see in the workplace. Professional contractors, on the other hand, use their generators much more often, making maintenance a bit more routine. Regardless of whether you trust your unit for daily work or just emergency power, you need to know how to maintain your generator.

Yago recommends that the fuel be fully run out for storage, that the residual fuel does not pollute the fuel system and fill it with every use. Keeps five gallons, ethanol-free cans nearby; always store gas in a well-ventilated area away from home. And keep in mind that generators can run through gas quite quickly, even a portable generator can use more than five gallons a day. In addition, keep heavy outdoor extension cords accessible so you can easily connect devices when needed.

While these machines work much less, they need regular care or may struggle to start and stay at less appropriate times. One of the best maintenance tips for commercial generators is to create and complete a regular maintenance program. Make sure your portable Briggs generator has enough oil to run smoothly and extend the life of your engine. Many generators are automatically turned off to protect the engine when the oil level is too low. To keep your engine protected and ready for any DIY or home emergency project, check the oil level every time you add fuel by referring to the dipstick and filling the entire marker.