How Does An Insurance Company Treat Catastrophic Injuries??

While catastrophic injuries often affect two of the most sensitive parts of the body: the brain and spinal cord, they include any injuries that permanently affect a victim. Defective medications and defective products generally life care planning expert witness cause catastrophic injury to large numbers of people. For example, Gold & Gold was one of many law firms representing a group of 11 patients who received a defective pharmaceutical product that caused permanent blindness.

Our Louisville attorneys for catastrophic injuries can take on the most formidable opponents and are passionate about obtaining full compensation. While there is no specific legal definition for catastrophic injuries, they generally change the lives and future of victims permanently and significantly. The resulting side effects may include disability, shorter life expectancy, lower quality of life, and / or the need for ongoing medical treatment.

A violent encounter can leave a person blind, deaf, or paralyzed, while an accident at work or construction accident can cause mutilation, malformation, severe burns, or other types of injury. Whatever the cause, the general effects are the same: long-term pain, loss and pain, extensive and continuous medical bills, loss of income and earnings, and an overall decline in the enjoyment of life. Claims related to catastrophic injuries aim to help victims in the short term and throughout their lives and help them deal with and finance what is likely to be a complete change in lifestyle. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that caused a catastrophic injury, contact a catastrophic river injury attorney immediately.

If a victim of injury does not file a lawsuit against the alleged negligent party within this period, he loses the opportunity to recover the compensation to which he is entitled. Catastrophic injuries are different because they can lead to almost incalculable physical, financial, and emotional losses. The American Medical Association defines a catastrophic injury as a serious injury to the spine or brain. Spinal cord injury can paralyze someone and force them to live a whole new life with a new body.

Unfortunately, victims in these cases are likely to experience a significant change in their quality of life. Catastrophic injuries can lead to significant disabilities and massive medical bills. At the Weitz office, we are ready to help you if you need a Philadelphia catastrophic injury attorney by your side. We have the resources and experience to thoroughly investigate these cases to ensure that our clients regain the compensation they need.

Get a free consultation from our Philadelphia Catastrophic Injury Attorney at The Weitz Firm, LLC, but read before you do so to get answers to frequently asked questions about serious injury. The Weitz firm, LLC, represents victims of catastrophic injuries caused by the negligence of another person or company. Attorney Eric H. Weitz fights attorneys who will provide him with the best possible compensation to help him pay his medical bills, offset his lost wages and other costs, and try to prevent this from happening to others.