His Santorini Guide With More Children The List Of Advantages And Disadvantages

I prefer to see the sunset on Santorini from a different place. This place is on a hill in a place where there is a monastery. It’s called Profitis Ilias Monastery and is the highest point on the island.

There are two tours a day that are suitable for couples, groups of friends and families, one in the morning and one at night. This is considered more environmentally friendly than the jet ski tour and allows you to visit most of the island’s beaches. Book the sea kayak tour in advance as availability is limited! One of the activities that come closest to the authentic lifestyle of the island is the traditional fishing boat tour.

Walking through the small streets with the colorful houses and churches or eating in the local taverns is a simple but effective way to escape the crowds of Santorini. The volcano’s crater is located in “Nea Kameni”, an island that faces the caldera and can be climbed by boat. Once you have reached the volcano, you can enjoy a quiet view of the largest caldera in the world and the whitewashed cities built on it. It is a very powerful landscape that you cannot miss!

It was built in 1892 by a French company and is one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece. It is considered a timeless romantic place at sunrise or sunset and of course a superior photogenic place. Access to the lighthouse is not permitted, but the view from SANTORINI TOURS there is worth a visit. The area is far from tourist crowds and offers a calm and calm atmosphere. If you visit it during sunset, remember to bring a bottle of local wine or beer and sit on the white stone walls while watching the boats come and go.

Thanks to the high temperatures of the volcano, there are hot springs where you can swim near Nea Kameni. Thirasia Island is a 7-minute boat ride from Ammoudi. It is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, yet one of the least developed tourist islands in the country. Manolas is one of the most beautiful cities in the Cyclades. The incredibly old Cycladic houses, traditional taverns, the charm of the old days and a relaxed atmosphere give us a picture of what Santorini used to be. Another alternative and entertaining activity are sea kayak trips on the south coast.

Excellent view (but with no view at sunset, you have to walk 3 minutes to the other side of the castle). The island of Thirassia forms the west side of the caldera and was connected to Santorini before the old volcanic eruption. It is an inhabited island with some good local taverns and it is worth visiting the 1 euro boat trip. The ships depart several times a day from Ammoudi and the port of Old Fira. The last ship back to Santorini usually leaves Thirassia around 5 p.m.

The entire island looks beautiful and wonderful to go on day trips. Birthday and I’m looking for a large area that is lively, beautiful and with breathtaking views and restaurants. But it seems that everything comes from Santorini from my research. I just don’t want to reserve the island’s honeymoon destination for a hotel.

If you are close to Oia and your hotel does not have a swimming pool, this is a good public option, but I don’t think it is worth traveling from Fira or beyond. Just buy a drink or something to eat for free and you can swim all day and enjoy the beautiful view. (He also has a view of the sunset.) This pool makes a refreshing end to the Fira to Oia walk.