Designed For Security

Finally, infrared heating technology is much higher than conventional heating elements. They offer many positive environmental effects with their ecological and energy efficient technology. However, they must be handled with care to ensure the safety of infrared heating in domestic and industrial environments.

There is a defined limit where radiation is considered dangerous to health. Average infrared heaters operate between 1.4 and 3 microns and can generate temperatures between 500 ° C and 800 ° C. This type of infrared heater is often used in industrial environments. Industrial drying, adhesive curing and coating are the sectors where infrared heaters are frequently used.

Infrared heaters are safe to leave unattended at night, except for gas heaters. However, some things need to be taken care of before it is completely safe. You probably use infrared light in your home several times a day without knowing it. Infrared lamps heat baths, keep food warm, keep small animals and reptiles warm and often emit visible and infrared light. Infrared light is also used in saunas, thermal imagers, fiber optic cables, closed circuit TV systems, infrared astronomy and meteorology.

If they get too close to an object, it will turn off automatically. Infrared heaters are also good for the garage because they can help you save money on your electricity bill. Look for closed combustion units or “100% outdoor air” that have a channel to take outside to the combustion chamber. They are also less likely to deteriorate and negatively affect indoor air quality. Another major security concern is to ensure that there are sufficient gas connections when the unit is installed.

Control products are available and many are stored in Mor Electric and can be purchased in conjunction with ceramic elements and other accessory products needed to create a “system”. Since the operation of infrared heating technology is based on the electromagnetic radiation process to increase the ambient temperature, there are few concerns about its safety. We generally link the word “radiation” to something that is harmful to our health. But what we often ignore is the fact that the sun also works in the same electromagnetic radiation process and we are used to it. However, there are different radiation levels and not all radiation is harmful to our health.

However, you must ensure that the stove does not get too close to something flammable. Ventilated propane heater Like heating elements, this type of heating can release carbon monoxide and run the risk of causing fires. Make sure to turn off your ventilated propane heater before going to bed.

Modern infrared panels have several advantages compared to conventional IR heaters. First, they are mounted on the wall or ceiling, eliminating any danger of tripping and never turning. They do not emit UV light or infrared radiation, so they do not damage the paint on your car and do not break the plastic on your motorcycle. Some infrared heaters also have built-in fans that can spread heat over a wider area. This is ideal for garages as it helps you heat the whole place, not just a small area next to the stove.

If you try to heat your garage with an electric heater, you are likely to use an infrared heater. This is because infrared heaters are the most efficient electric heaters. They produce a lot of heat with a small amount of electricity. All Infrarood verwarming badkamer infrared, visible or ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation can cause eye damage in sufficient concentrations, but this is very rare. In extreme cases, if the eyes absorb too much infrared light, they can suffer irreversible damage.