Videography Tips

If you’re using more than one camera to record the same scene, it’s possible for the cameras to have different default color temperatures. This is an issue when using cameras of different brands like Sony and Canon. Can you imagine how distracting it would be to see alternating bluish and warm yellow clips? Set the white balance on all cameras before recording to produce more consistent, professional-looking clips. This will help speed up the editing process and reduce post-production costs in the future.

Everyone seems to be creating video content now—unfortunately, not everyone knows how to creategoodvideo content! With a few video production tips from the pros, however, you will be well on your way to making some awesome videos. Write a script, draw out a storyboard, and create a shot list before you start filming. Plan your b-roll shots so you have extra footage when it comes time for editing .

And when you edit, use a simple video editing software that you can get used to before moving on to more complicated programs. You can learn from our video editing tips, which includes simple yet professional techniques aside from the simple cutting, clipping, and correction of video clips and audio levels. It is generally good practice to have all your interview Video production company DC subjects sign written video releases. If you are going to be shooting in a classroom, you need to clear it with the professor first. If you are going to be shooting athletics practice footage, clear it with the coach. Ideally, the interviewer will have a second person with them to operate the camera and assist in monitoring recorded audio with headphones.

Creating a polished, professional-looking video doesn’t have to mean spending on expensive videography equipment and filmmaking workshops. You can become a good videographer just by paying attention to a few key details that may not be obvious at first, and practicing your craft. These videography tips will prove to be very useful, whether you’re shooting a more high-end production or simply creating a vlog that your viewers will love watching. People will watch a poorly recorded video with good audio, they are less likely to watch a good video with bad audio quality that they cannot hear or understand. Whenever possible choose a quiet location for shooting your interviews and always monitor you audio through headphones. There is nothing worse than recording an interview only to realize you cannot hear the interview subject.

If you’re ready to press record and get the show on the road, read on. You’ve probably heard a lot about composition related to still photography, which is equally as important in videography. Composition is the way you choose to frame your subject in the video you’re about to capture. The safest way to frame your subject is to follow the rule of thirds, which divides the frame into a three-by-three grid, creating intersections that are ideal areas to place your subject. Once you’ve got all the clips you need imported into your editing program, it’s time to start actually putting the rough cut of your marketing video together. Few things will ruin a marketing video faster than a shot that is either too light or too dark.

And they’re a great way to combine your screen share videos and selfie videos with pre-recorded content. By making a playlist, your prospects can get all the benefits of a thorough explanation and high-production-value content without you needing to start from scratch every single time. Discover best practices for video production, as well as video-making tips for sales reps, marketers, and social media content creators. I strongly recommend using Adobe Premiere Pro, which has been my go-to editing package for almost a decade. For beginners, it may be easier to shoot in controlled settings.

After all, your buyers don’t have the same interests, hobbies, or beliefs. Your target audience consists of people from all walks of life, but even they have some common interests you can use while planning your next video. Not a type of video, per se, a playlist is a collection of videos you can curate for your audience.

If you’re filming a video with a smartphone, you can purchase microphones that fit into the phone’s headphone input to quickly and easily improve sound quality. Before you start filming, check the acoustics of the location in which you’re shooting. You can fix a lot of audio problems in post-production, but even a faint echo can be a nightmare to get rid of completely. B-roll is essentially any footage that isn’t of your primary subject. Our first video marketing article sought to dispel common misconceptions about the time and cost required to make a great video.

This means you’ll have choices later when creating your final cut. This will save you time and effort that you might otherwise spend on refilming. Plus, it will prevent you from settling for subpar shots that will make your work look unprofessional. If you need any help with your video marketing and production needs, Ilfusion is here for you. We can create personalized and high-quality marketing videos that will leave lasting impressions on your audience with our full-service professional editing.