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A final cleaning of the ejector to remove dirt that came out during cleaning, and the barrels can be repositioned if you draw our attention to measures. Brush the exposed metal work with a toothbrush. The bristles are perfect for removing any fat accumulation, but are soft enough not to damage the effect, even if adequate force is applied. As with barrels, a cotton swab can be used to reach small violin areas. However, be very soft here because they can get stuck or break when used too hard. There are many reasons to avoid using steel brushes or cleaning rods on your weapon.

Remove the magazine and bolt, provided we’re talking about a Bolt Action rifle. You can refer to your firearms user manual at any time to assist you in this step. And please let your ammunition away from the weapon.

If not, clean your brush again, clean the rod and brush through the barrel another 20 times. I continue this process until I get a good, clean spot when I pass the drink. In fact, this is the longest time I’ve spent without shooting since childhood. Armory Den For me, the club I practice is like the country club of the golf player, except that they don’t have the pleasant smell of burnt gunpowder in their membership. While it was a difficult bracket for shooting sports, there is a positive side.

Boroscopes are cheaper and better optimized today to help you clean home weapons than they were 20 years ago. Using one always helps you maintain and even improve accuracy by removing both dust and copper from the barrel of your rifle. The first step is to remove all debris and debris. Moore prefers to soak a disassembled firearm in a tub. Most shooters have no access to such a resource, but sound cleaners are an option and do an excellent job.

The magazine and the exterior of the weapon are now ready for cleaning. Wipe the feeding lips and press the rag on the trailer to dig as deeper as possible into the magazine. If no dirt is shown on the rag, it is clean. There are many specific nuances and methods by which everyone cleans up their firearms.

We can consider getting another used weapon so we can go hunting with our own weapons. Place a submerged cleaning plaster in a drilling solvent at the tip of your cleaning rod. Then push the cleaning stain through the barrel and to the other side and fill the chamber and hole surface. When you think it’s over, do a solvent patch and then a dry plaster on the hole and look with your boroscope. When you see gobs and gout as well as lumps and stripes, go back to J-B. A rough hole can hold you in it forever, and I’ve replaced more than one barrel because it was too difficult to clean.

Take your plaster stick and put three solvent patches in the hole. Wipe the muzzle with a paper towel to remove drooled gray sauce on the front. Remove the brush, put it back on and set it aside to dry. First clean the bedroom area and ejector, push it and use the toothbrush to wipe away dirt and unburned dust. A cotton swab can be useful here for cleaning in these small, hard-to-reach places if it is used very gently. To adapt your skills and gain experience and familiarity, you need to use your weapons within reach as this is the safest place.

Because of their design, they are also easier to manipulate. Once you have cleaned all the parts and parts, you must reassemble them. But don’t leave it at that, you want to make sure that everything goes back to where it should go. Make sure again that the weapon is not loaded and the camera is clear and break the sledge or bolt several times.

After the first cylinder wash, add the solvent to the brush and repeat the process several times. Then clean the run several times with a patch holder and repeat this process with a new patch until it comes out without residues. Check the inside of the barrel with a light to check your work and make sure it is completely clean. Lubricate the weapon after cleaning according to the manufacturer’s instructions.