Pushkar Fair Ajmer – 2010

Pushkar an important religious place of Hindus is located at a distance of 11 km from Ajmer in Rajasthan State. This city is encircled by hills on three sides and sand dunes on the other which make it a beautiful city that summons scores of tourists from several parts of the globe. The foremost attraction of this place is annual Pushkar Camel Fair held every yearon the day of Karthik Purnima in October or November.

Pushkar Fair is a dramatic event which showcases the rich satta matka colors and vibrant life of Rajasthan age-old culture. It is the largest Camel Fair in the world celebrated on the bank of Pushkar Lake which houses the only Brahma Temple in the world. This cultural festivity is known round the globe for its number of cultural shows, exhibitions, dance, music, interesting competition, handicrafts, food and cattle trading. Some of the popular attractions of the Pushkar Fair are:

Cattle Trading:

Pushkar fair is known as the center stage of cattle trading because mass trading of cattle takes place. Camels are the focal point of cattle trading with another livestock. More than 25,000 camels are traded in Pushkar which makes it the largest camel trading zone in the world. Also cattle breeders from several regions of India come to Pushkar Fair to sell and buy livestock. Cattle are beautifully decorated with several colorful ornaments so they can attract prospective buyers during trading.

Folk Song and Folk Dance:

This cultural representation showcases the rich and vibrant age-old culture of Rajasthan. In this fair tourist get an opportunity to hear some of Rajasthan oldest folk songs like Hichaki, Sapno, Lawarji, Tejaji, Ramdeoji and Gogaji.

With this tourist also gets an opportunity to see some of the traditional folk dances of Rajasthan such as Ghoomar, Bhavai, Chari and more. These cultural activities enthrall tourists during their Pushkar festival tour.


Pushkar Fair is the hub several competitions which heighten the joy and fervor of this socio-cultural event. Some of the popular competitions of this fair are camel races, Matka phod, and mustaches, beards and turbans competition.

Pushkar fair is a three-day event, which call on scores of tourists from several parts of the globe. This festival is celebrated in the honor of Lord Brahma the God of creation. The interwoven charm of religious fervor and cultural vibrancy make this fair a high-spirited event of Rajasthan tourism.

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