How to Find an Ethical Process Server

With the multitude of process server listings found Process servers on the Internet and in the local yellow pages, it seems that one process server is as good as the next.

In reality, there is a vast difference between superb and substandard service. Unreliable or inexperienced servers and missed service deadlines will cost your firm and your client extra money and grief to rectify the situation.

There are basic services that a trustworthy process server should offer.

These include:

  • Fee Schedule The process server should have a fee schedule available that lists the number of attempts included in the service fee, mileage charges, rush fees and charges for ancillary documentation required for court purposes.
  • Availability The process serving company should have coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not all service attempts can be effected on a 9 to 5 basis. As well, you want to be able to track the progress of the service at your convenience. Ascertain whether the process server offers a data base for tracking your service order.
  • Prompt Confirmation of Service Rapid confirmation of service enables you to move ahead with documents and applications on your client’s behalf.
  • Good Communication A good process server will contact you immediately if difficulties arise with a service to receive your instructions.
  • Summary of Service The process server should provide you with a complete summary of all action undertaken on your behalf.
  • Skip Tracing Skip tracing should be on a “no find, no fee” basis. The process server should also provide rush services to locate and, if they are not successful, supply documentation that can be submitted to the Court with the details of the attempted locate.
  • Positive Business History The process serving company should have a positive business history. Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints.
  • Commitment Work with a process server who will go beyond the basics and do their utmost to complete the assignment. Ask them what procedures they use to back up their promise.

Conduct a background check when you research process servers. Ethical process servers belong to organizations such as National Association of Professional Process Servers and state associations such as the Colorado Association of Professional Process Servers. These organizations promote basic and advanced education, Codes of Ethics, and committees that follow and report to members regarding updated legislation, state rules and other matters relevant to the profession. An experienced process server will also have Errors and Omissions insurance.

Ask the process server for references. A server should have no hesitation to furnish you with two or three law firms to contact for confirmation of the servers reliability, honesty and performance.

The above information will assist you to locate a professional process server who will perform assignments promptly, effectively and for the stated fee.

Kathleen Albright is the owner of Professional Attorney Services LLC, a private investigative and professional process service agency in Boulder, Colorado. Her services include process serving, skip tracing and background checks. She is dedicated to providing professional, ethical and reliable work to all her clients. If you are looking for a professional Colorado process server

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