Importance of Social Media to Grow Spotify Audience

The first step to becoming an accomplished musician and living from your artistic creations in the Internet age is to broadcast your music on Spotify, sell and spread it all over social media.

Because with all the new technologies currently available, it has never been easier to distribute and make money on the Web with your music. Of course, if you are lucky enough to receive the support of a solid fan base that you have to earn.

Spotify will help you get the first step. You can even earn money through it. Many famous musicians use the Spotify for Artists application to earn money and get their music around the world. Artists like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Tool and Dr.Dre are very successful on Spotify.

But the question is how would you get your music out there and grow your Spotify audience? How can Social media help do that and generate traffic to your Spotify channel?

We have been in conversation with the CEO of streamsbyte who stated: “The importance of social media is impeccable. Music artist who buy spotify plays from us strongly expect to get noticed on social media in a huge way. So social media is a big deal now.”

But what else you can do beside to buy spotify streams. Let’s check below:

Sharing Spotify Music on Facebook.

One of the best ways to get your music known is sharing it with your friends, family or creates a playlist for a particular event. After sharing the collaborative playlist with your friends, you can ask them to spread it around, post it on their profiles and share it on Facebook groups.

Every artist likes to share their favorite Spotify songs and playlists with their audience, if the majority have Spotify accounts, they can easily access the music you have shared. If you create a playlist on Spotify, your friends are allowed to listen to it and even share it

Social media platforms like Facebook allows you to share your music with your audience either on your own personal profile, a page or a group. This automatically generates traffic straight to your Spotify, which will increase your plays and followers and give your songs better chances in appearing in playlists and top charts.

Sharing Spotify Music on Instagram.

Whether you like it or not, social media is part of everyday life today. Perhaps the most important platform now is one that has a reputation of not being particularly important to musicians: Instagram.

Instagram has millions of active users. It is growing constantly and quickly particularly among young users who are trying to get away from the negative vibes of Facebook.

We have gathered some tips for you, so you can use Instagram even more effectively and expand your fan base on Spotify.

Instagram allows musicians to share links on their posts and redirect the fan base as well as new users directly to their Spotify channel. Of course, Instagram should also help increase sales, plays and streams. However, this is where Instagram does not make things easier for musicians, because the use of links is extremely limited.

  • Only one link can be interested in every post.
  • You can also add URLs to messages, but they are not linked.
  • By buying ads. That is expensive but Instagram is still cheaper than Facebook.

Other Social Media Platforms that can help.


One year after Instagram added the option of sharing your Spotify Music; Snapchat has now managed to do so as well, making It even more possible to get more traffic into your channel.

Microsoft Messenger.

You can share music easily through Microsoft Messenger with a simple tap.

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