List Of The Most Expensive Photos

In the worst case, you may be able to get some important tips for amateur photographers by viewing them. Gursky is one of the most respected landscape photographers in the world and Rhein II shows the artist at the top of his game. It is an image Rising star soho of beautiful symmetry and simplicity, with part of the Rhine. This masterpiece with color-pounded woolly crust was digitally enhanced by the artist to remove what he considered strange details, such as a factory building and some dog walkers.

The digital camera has made great strides recently with new technologies that make it even better. Here we give an overview of modern camera types with their advantages. The most expensive photos at auctions show that an image is worth a thousand words and millions of dollars. For most of us, an expensive photo can cost a few hundred dollars at most.

This beautiful scene takes place every day for hundreds of photos and tourists. I visited and photographed the cannon myself in 2015 and captured the photo I named ShapeShifter. In a very poetic landscape we see a forest on a pond and the moon looking through the bare branches. It represents an early image created by manual application of photosensitive gums that gives the final impression more than one color. It sold for $ 2,928,000 at Sotheby’s in 2006 and also set the record for the most expensive photography of the time.

With the mobile phone we could always have the camera available without any problems. Although the smartphone camera performs most tasks in everyday life, from selfies, social media posts to event / meeting photos and video recordings. But professional photographers and enthusiasts still prefer digital cameras over smartphones because of clearer, high-resolution images, custom hand settings, accessory accuracy and camera lenses to choose from.

It’s a half fairy tale, half a photo of the crime scene and a combination that is certainly responsible for the $ 2.7 million image price. Antelope Canyon is visited by millions of people every year, including countless nature and landscape photographers like me. The main attraction of the upper route of the Antelope Canyon comes early in the afternoon when the sun is high in the sky above the gorge. The light that falls through a small hole in the ceiling of the gorge is illuminated by the guide who throws a shovel full of sand, through which it can fall where light penetrates the earth.

For this image, Wall decided to represent the horrific ambush of a Russian contingent during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1988. He founded a series of “dead soldiers” to make them look like they were speaking, possibly to have a statement reflecting Wall’s view of the invasion of Afghanistan. Wall’s unique and creative ideas in the photo were some of the main reasons why this portrait made $ 3.7 million at auction. The pond is so popular with fans in the photography world, not only because it is one of the first color photos; It is also one of the first color photos to be widely distributed. There are only three versions of this photo; It is no wonder that the value of each photo has increased significantly.