30 Great Things To Do In Busan, South Korea

Songdo also has a popular sea promenade called Songdo Cloud Trails near the funicular station. While Haedong Yonggungsa may be more popular 오피스텔 today, true temple lovers cannot miss Beomeosa, Busan’s main temple. The temple is beautifully situated on the slopes of the mountain.

Located on a beautiful cliff coast in northeast Busan, Haedong Yonggungsa is the only Buddhist temple that dominates the sea, as most Buddhist temples are in the mountains. It is one of the most popular Buddhist temples in South Korea, popular for its peaceful and serene atmosphere, it is the best place to enjoy a relaxing moment with yourself. It was built during the Goryeo Dynasty and is the oldest temple in Busan. You can go to this divine place with your family and seek blessings for the good health and prosperity of your loved ones. We decided to take a tour instead of doing it alone so we could make the most of our time. We really feel that we travel with inside information.

Seomyeon is near Busan and Busan Train Station, where trains to Gyeongju leave. These metro lines take you directly to popular tourist attractions such as the Beomeosa Temple, Haeundae Beach, Jagalchi Market and Gwangalli Beach. This is a great advantage in a city the size of Busan. You can think of Jagalchi as more of a whole seafood neighborhood than as a market.

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I don’t think I can cross like that and see the water below me. South Korea is on my long-standing travel wish list. This blog encourages me to happen as soon as possible. Oryukdo Skywalk is something I would love to walk on. I will definitely plan my itinerary to visit all the places you have mentioned. Visit Dongbaek Park, located at the southern tip of Busan.

The busy beaches on the coast and some of the best restaurants in the world? You can find them on swords, but visitors looking for sober cafes, friendly markets, secret breweries and Korean traditions will also be very busy. The best decision is what to do at Busan depends on what you want to do, but rest assured, Busan has it.

Locals flock to the market to buy the freshest seafood you can imagine. Sellers also offer seafood to many local restaurants. We found that the sellers were quite nice and that it was a real pleasure to see them prepare fresh seafood for the customers. It’s also a great place to find some of Busan’s most unusual street food. There are relatively tame items such as buneo-ppang, a crispy, fish-shaped wafer filled with sweet red bean paste.