6 Ways To Clean And Load Your Crystals

“Programming” crystals with specific intentions accelerate their energy and benefits. The crystals are fragile regardless of their property, so it is mandatory to treat them with tender love and care. There are some exceptions for me personally, such as the Nepal moonstone ring quartz and Tibet. I take these quartz crystals off the ground in their rough shape, with the dirt still on them, and do not clean them. These specific crystals come from the mountains of the Himalayas and contain a very ancient energy full of wisdom and history.

Wait a beautiful day or clear sky and heat your stone in front of the light of the sky. Place your crystals on your windowsill just before bed and leave them there overnight. This gives you enough time to let your gem absorb all that luscious light. Even if you can’t do it all night, a few hours will work wonders too.

Whether it’s a bell or a gong, all you need to wear crystals is to sit in the healing sounds of one of the two for a few minutes to an hour. Some like to design crystals in a square structure for loading, but however you place them, it is important to place them in a place with direct sunlight or moonlight. Exposing your crystal for 24 hours to experience sunlight and moonlight is ideal and can generate the most energy. Complete moons are optimal energy sources for your crystals because they mean a new beginning, so keep in mind the dates when the full moon falls to better charge your crystals. Using sunlight and moonlight is an easy yet powerful way to charge your crystals.

You can charge crystals using the natural energy of the sun, moon, solar eclipse, running water and earth. It can also be turned on with fixings, visualizations, meditation, yoga, sea salt, glass wand, clusters, other crystals, incense, herbs, reiki, candle, bubbles, gong, bowl and gong. Once enter a place that feels heavy and something powerful is out and wants to shower to soften the feeling?

The full moon will bring an energy of liberation, while the new moon will provide an energy of growth. Place your crystals on your windowsill or remove them before bed and leave them overnight. You can also leave the crystals outside at night to fully enjoy the moonlight. To load your crystals, you can place them in a light piece or carnelian chambers. Please note that some stones, such as amethyst, will fade over time due to exposure to sunlight.

Make sure you find his glass and what cleaning is best for him. How to clean and charge your crystals and stones with solar energy, make sure they are only exposed to moonlight. They can be used to load different stones through the stone to circle to charge it clockwise or to color it as they visualize the crystal becoming powerful with healing energies. Gongs and bubbles are excellent for carrying crystals because they radiate healing energies when affected.