The 17 Best Laundry Tricks To Store Your Clothes

During months of traveling, I practiced and perfected my method of washing clothes by hand in the sink. Many hostels in the UK offer a laundry room with coin-operated washing machines. There may also be a coin operated dryer or, if not, a drying room where you can let your clothes air dry. So if staying in hostels is an option as well, the hostels will make sure you check that you book a laundry. I would also caution people with sensitive skin against using hotel bar soap or hand soap to wash clothes as it can cause skin irritation.

The fabric of the bag resembles an old-fashioned flexible inner washboard, which helps to clean clothes and make them cleaner than just squeezing, moving and rinsing them in the sink. Dry laundry soap sheets: if you are looking for a non-liquid option, you may want to check out water-soluble laundry detergent sheets from Travelon or sea to the top. Just be careful to use completely dry hands to use them, as any moisture will cause all the leaves to clump together. If you are going to do laundry, then the only thing you definitely need is some kind of laundry detergent. Using hotel soap is not always a great idea, since it is not intended for clothing, it can take a long time to rinse, and can leave an itch in clothes. For those who plan to wash their hands more often or who travel for a longer period of time, we also recommend looking at a travel laundry bag or a small washboard for cleaner items.

Pour a glass of 3% hydrogen peroxide into the washing machine or bleach dispenser. It is also good for removing armpit stains when mixed with the same amount of baking soda. Just let the mixture sit directly on the stain for thirty minutes, then gently rub the material. Colors and eggs must be separated, especially if colored items are washed for the first time and may bleed.

Colors should always be washed with cold water, and eggs can, too, although some people like to use warm or even hot water for this. The best way to fix a stain is to treat it before fixing. Quickly pick up solids with an opaque edge, and dry liquids with a clean white cloth from the outside in to prevent them from spreading.

Treat stains before washing and always make sure to remove stains before placing items in the dryer – heat fixes stains on the fabric. Use the comprehensive stain first aid scheme to treat certain types of stains. If you are looking for a new washing machine, the options can be overwhelming.

Top-loading machines with an agitator often cost less and have faster uptime than top-loading machines without an agitator (known as high-efficiency machines). High efficiency machines are better at cleaning and use less water than Shaker models. Front-loading machines are more expensive, but they do a better cleaning job than top-loading machines and are gentler on clothes.

Every two months, set the washing machine to the largest load setting and the hottest water temperature. Add a liter of white vinegar and a glass of baking soda and let the washing machine shake for a minute. Then open the lid or stop the cycle and let the mixture stand for an hour. Rub any part, such as the cap, with a toothbrush to remove buildup. After an hour, allow the cycle to complete and run a second hot cycle to remove any remaining residue.

Just because the clothing label says “dry cleaning” does not mean that it cannot be washed by hand, especially if it is made of natural fibers. Wool, silk, rayon and linen usually tolerate hand washing. When washing your hands, immerse delicate products in a solution of warm water and mild detergent, shake for three to five minutes.