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The transaction was approved by the People’s Bank of China on September 30 and has now been completed. Gojek employs more than 3,000 people, including 210 engineers at its three headquarters in Jakarta, a data science office in Singapore and a technical facility in India. The company announced an investment of $ 500 million for expansion in Southeast Asia, starting with the transportation service in 4 new countries in mid-2018. This expansion will increase the number of existing partners, which as of May 2018 will include a fleet of more than 1,000,000 drivers, 125,000 dealers for Go-FOOD and 30,000 professionals for Go-MASSAGE, Go-GLAM, Go-CLEAN and Go-AUTO service. The purchase of the stake came a year after PayPal acquired a 70% stake in GoPay for an undisclosed amount, becoming the first foreign company to receive a license to provide online payment services in China.

As of May 2018, the app offers 18 services, including 2 upcoming new services in the online content business, making a total of 20 on-demand services available on one platform. As an Indonesian-led startup, Gojeks took advantage to navigate the local regulatory environment and understand the local market. This allowed them to bundle features in their app that are more suitable for both local drivers and local consumers. The company offers electronic payments, collection and money transfers in all available currencies and media for all types of services for the public and private sectors. The company also provides and develops all new electronic financial and banking services, as well as all advanced digital consumables and equipment in this field. Organically, many drivers are beginning to understand the non-monetary benefits of switching to digital technology.

Officials need to enter their account information and preferences only once. If you receive payments from more than one group at the same time, the payments will be credited to your account and you can receive a single payment for all groups at the same time. Officials can log into their GoPay account to see exactly which group and games each payment is for. Once the bank information has been entered into the system, no other user can view or edit the account information (routing/ account numbers and bank names). Bank account information is only available to the user who logs into the account and is not visible to any other user. employees have limited access to your data to provide support and ensure that transactions are completed successfully.

Monetary incentives such as rebates and discounts have been introduced to facilitate the adoption of digital money. Increase your marketing and get people to pay attention to your business, your search or your customers. Find prospects, develop your lists slot via gopay and track your marketing campaigns without having to leave the RocketReach Suite. Find the most important people you need to bring your product to with our advanced search features, and then act immediately to leave your competition in the dust.

And as more and more customers choose GO-PAY, GOJEK Driver’s partners are motivated to open the digital account to accept payments. With the GoPay payment acquirer on the Odoo website, you can integrate the GoPay payment gateway into your Odoo e-commerce. After setting up with Odoo, GoPay will be available on the Odoo website as a payment method for customers. Customers are redirected to the GoPay website to complete a payment transaction, which makes the process very secure.

Be Digital or Not be Digital When GOJEK was launched in 2010, it had only 10 driver partners and no presence in the financial services sector. PayPal is the first foreign company to own 100 percent of a payment platform in China, as the financial technology company has swallowed the rest of GoPay. The corporate purpose of Worldline (“Daseinsberechtigung”) is to develop and operate leading digital payment and transaction solutions that enable sustainable economic growth and strengthen trust and security in our society. Worldline makes them environmentally friendly, generally accessible and supports social change. These companies are led by local founding teams, with Gojek providing technological support and expertise.

Gojek was created to solve this problem by providing a platform where drivers and passengers can connect efficiently and allow these drivers to improve their income. The other co-founder and longtime high school friend Michaelangelo Moran is not only the company’s chief brand officer, but is also known for designing the company’s first iconic logo and the branding of the entire company. Bill Deng, CEO and co-founder of XTransfer, a Shanghai-based payment platform that facilitates cross-border money transfers for Chinese merchants, had no qualms about emulating PayPal. Many of them are financially marginalized and illiterate in financial and management services. It is never easy to change your own habits, let alone those of other people. Therefore, GOJEK’s first step in changing customers’ habits was to give them incentives to use GO-PAY.