Are Ghosts Real? Scientists Claim To Have Discovered The Truth

The writers Plautus and Lucian also wrote stories about haunted houses. Most people experience a ghostly encounter when they fall asleep or wake up. Small doses of carbon monoxide leaks and poisoning are often associated with similar reports. It is known that a detected presence effect occurs when people suffer from cold, fatigue or hunger and go to bed.

Improper burial can also lead to the fact that a soul will remain in this world, after which it will wander over the earth like a ghost. Since righteous souls remain near their grave, some people try to communicate with them in order to gain occult knowledge. Contact with the dead is not the same as contact with the jinn, who could equally impart occult knowledge to living people. Many encounters with spirits have to do with dreams that are supposed to occur in the realm of symbols. It was believed that the soul and spirit existed after death, with the ability to help or harm the living, and the possibility of a second death.

Of the many paranormal investigators on YouTube, let’s take a look at the haunted site. The Haunted Side is a ghost hunting channel based in Fernley, Nevada, and hosted by investigators Patrick McQueary and Jason Spencer. This channel specializes in medium-length videos in which the main investigators are walking around a haunted place, trying to find evidence of a haunted place.

Infrasound is a sound that falls under the audible range of man, which is produced by earthquakes, certain animals and severe weather, causing us fear, sadness and paranoia. Experiments have shown that these can stimulate the temporal lobe of the brain and create a feeling similar to that of a supposed chase. And other causes of alleged paranormal activity have turned out to be nothing more supernatural than the accidental ingestion of ergot, a fungal precursor of LSD. Chapman University in Orange, California., conducts an annual survey asking people in the United States about their belief in the paranormal. People who suffer from sleep paralysis often report that they have seen ghosts during their experiences. Neuroscientists Baland Jalal and VS Ramachandran have recently proposed neurological theories about why people hallucinate ghosts during sleep paralysis.

His theories emphasize the role of the parietal lobe and mirror neurons in the activation of such ghostly hallucinations. This is depicted in works of art from various ancient cultures, including works such as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which depicts deceased people in the afterlife as they did before death, including the style of clothing. Other areas of our mental space can also be victims of phantom confusion.

Questions like: “Did someone die here?”they will always have their answers interpreted in a way that creates tradition. Whether it is a slight tremor, or a distant sound, or an Ovlius proverb “gorge”, the tradition is created in such a way that the investigation becomes more frightening. Although researchers want to use scientific-looking team symbols to signal intellectual authority, they also need to rely on the creation of folklore to hunt ghosts. Ghosts can be experienced, measured and tested, according to ghost hunters. Scientific research of the paranormal is now widespread in American popular culture. In 1990, the Atlantic Paranormal Society was founded in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Joe Nickell of the Skeptical Inquiry Committee wrote that there is no credible scientific evidence that any place is inhabited by spirits of the dead. According to Nickell, peripheral vision can be slightly misleading, especially late at night, when the brain is tired and more likely to misinterpret images and sounds. Nickell says that spirits act in the same way as “dreams, memories and imaginations, because they are also mental creations. They are evidence, not of another world, but of this real and natural world.” H. Wilmer published a strange story about a haunted house in the American Journal of Ophthalmology. They reported that the spirits kept them in bed, that they felt weak and more.

This belief may also have promoted the metaphorical meaning of “breath” in certain languages, such as Latin spiritus and Greek Pneuma, which was expanded by analogy to mean the soul. In the Bible, God is represented as the synthesis of Adam, as a living soul, from the dust of the earth and the breath of God. We want to believe in an afterlife, we want to believe that there is something more “beyond the light”, and sometimes some of us let this belief surpass our judgment.

Ghosts can also cause diseases or even enter the body of ordinary people in order to be expelled by strong medicines. There are many Malay ghost myths, remnants of ancient animistic beliefs coined by later Hindus, Buddhist and Muslim influences in the Moderna states of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Some concepts of spirits, such as the Pontianak and Penanggalan vampires, are shared throughout the region.