18 Energy Saving Tips For Small Businesses

If your office has a dishwasher that’s on its last legs or a boiler that isn’t working as well as it should, it might be time for a replacement. In addition, this will be a success with your employees. Running a business can be expensive and your expenses can add up very quickly. Whether you’re looking for ways to save money or trying to be more environmentally friendly, reducing your energy consumption can be a good idea. Below, we’ve identified just a few ways to save energy in the office.

Newer heating and cooling systems will be much more efficient than older ones, so it may be worth replacing systems that are more than 10 years old. Both blow heaters and portable radiators use significant amounts of electricity and калкулатор за ток will chew on utility bills, so they will discourage their use. Finally, make sure your air conditioning and heating are set in the right place during the seasons. Do you have control over the landscaping around your business?

We spoke to our energy efficiency experts who recommended these free tips that can reduce your company’s energy bill by up to 10%.

Turn off the office computer or configure it to turn off when it is not in use. Turning off a computer and monitor every night and on weekends can save up to $80 per year. Setting up PCs, monitors, and copiers to use sleep mode when not in use can help reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent. Use power strips or disconnect electronic devices such as DVRs, game consoles, and TVs that consume power even when they’re turned off. Think of lighting controls such as dimmers, motion sensors, home energy management systems and/or photosensors to save on lighting costs.

Run your washing machine early in the morning or late at night in the summer to prevent electricity demand from increasing during the hottest time of the day in the afternoon. If your utility offers usage time pricing, it can also save you money on your utility bill. Another feature that will use a lot of electricity in an office is lighting. Lights that stay on at night can be the cause of an increase in your electricity bill. To save energy, make sure that all employees understand that it is their responsibility to turn off the lights when they are the last to leave at night.

Even a few degrees can significantly reduce the cost of air conditioning. In the summer, set your air conditioning to 78 degrees or higher. Replacing the air conditioning thermostat from 72 to 78 degrees can save up to 12% of your cooling costs. Get the remote control and get your money back on the asmart programmable thermostat.