Trademark Of Your Company Name

Registering a trademark only protects you in the categories of products and/or services in which your company operates. For example, if your company provides education and training, your service mark registration protects only that category. Conversely, it would not protect his name, for example in a category of musical instruments.

For example, names and slogans are registered as word marks and logos are registered as design trademarks. Corporate and startup founders spend countless hours and often thousands of dollars creating the perfect company name and logo. These are an integral part of a new business and it’s the first thing a customer sees. These brands create goodwill in the market and represent the quality of your goods and services. They are commonly known as iPhone because their marketing is so good that nowadays people don’t care that it’s just a phone and can even be called as a phone instead of being called an iPhone every time.

UpCounsel is an interactive online service that makes it faster and easier for businesses to find and hire legal help based solely on their preferences. We are not a law firm, do not provide legal services, legal advice or “attorney referral services”, and do not provide legal representation or participate in legal representation. A “trade name” is basically the name you used to identify your business. It does not provide legal protection or unrestricted rights to use that name; it’s just the name. Trade names are registered at the state level, which means that a specific name may be available in one state but not in another.

Even a fourth degree can easily tell if a product is apple or not, just by looking at the half-eaten apple logo on the back. Failure to examine a trademark before it is adopted may result in refusal of registration by the USPTO or, worse, to a ceasefire letter from another trademark owner. By spending the time and money in advance to determine if a trademark is available, the very high cost of a dispute or lawsuit is avoided.

Changing the name of a company can be a difficult and expensive task. After you’ve successfully created a good reputation for your business, it can cost significant marketing costs to rebuild a reputable brand. Then, if due diligence search you need to change your business name or create a new logo, you’ll lose even more money with the new marketing materials. You may also lose customers because of the resulting confusion about your product or identity.

His experience includes both growing his own brand and working with clients to build and protect their brands. When you submit one of these applications, you must complete it completely and accurately. The exact fee depends on the type of application you use, the number of trademarks you apply for, and the number of classes of goods and services you list in your application. Previously, trademark registration involved crossing a bunch of red ribbons, and literally, because the process used to require you to appear in person. However, with technological advances, you can now register your trademark online from our smart registration system. More traffic on a website or social media platform translates into higher rankings, which results in even more traffic, more customers and more brand awareness.