The Small Business Guide To Podcasting And Podcast Invitation

You can even reuse your podcast interview in a long blog and then embed its audio at the end of the post. A podcast interview isn’t just about content, it’s high-quality content. It’s a great way to develop expertise, authority, and brand for you and your business. When people hear your voice, it adds a deeper level to building trust, and the more a person trusts you, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Also, listen to at least 2 previous podcast episodes to get an idea of your usual topics or FAQs. Some hosts have a specific question that each guest likes to ask, and you need to prepare for that. If you’re looking for a podcast guest service that can help you get interviews about your ideal podcasts, book a podcast strategy session with our team today. Now that you have a clear message and offer, you’re ready to find podcasts to talk about. Unless you use a service that secures podcast interviews for you, this process involves manual research.

If you’ve never done it before, don’t go buy a bunch of luxury equipment and plan a crazy big strategy. Just reach out to 5-10 podcast hosts in your niche and offer yourself as a guest. You can send a special email to your audience, promote it on your blog, or even schedule some social media posts about that podcast in advance (don’t forget @-mention your host!).

This approach helps listeners connect with you and your content on a much more emotional level. Guest blog posts are a lot of work and time-consuming. I hate to say it, but our attention span is fading. We live in a world of information overload where Podcast guest bookings we only have time to consume small pieces of information at a time. However, podcasts allow you to consume them at times when other forms of content aren’t available (hopefully you won’t read a blog post while driving to work in the morning).

At the very least, you should promote the episode on social media and on your website. This is a form of social proof, which shows that you are taken seriously in your industry. You can also recommend future guests on your network or request referrals for other podcasts that you might be eligible for.