A Local Guide To The Best Things To Do In Torremolinos

With regard to the climate, it is about 30ºC (86ºF) in summer and in adolescents higher Celsius in winter (60s in ºF). There are cool breezes in the summer and occasional rain in the winter. Another option is a car or train trip to the Plaza Mayor with a cinema, bars, restaurants and shops where you can easily lose track of time. Torremolinos is very close to Malaga airport and has a local train station and bus station. If you’re traveling with little luggage and your main interest is being on the beach every day, you may think you don’t need a means of transportation.

The city also hosts music and dance concerts in the summer. Another walk worthwhile is along the boardwalk, especially at sunset, so you don’t feel the heat as much and while you’re at it, you can choose one of the restaurants for dinner. You will find a wide range of options, from international dishes to the typical fried fish, salads, etc … Today, La Carihuela is still a benchmark for beaches around the world. A place with modern tourist facilities, but also respects the seafaring origins.

La Carihuela is a very long street to the village and an excellent place for outdoor activities. The weather is comfortable for a nice walk or bike ride while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea and the sun. If you want to take a break, it is an excellent option to enjoy the massage service here. Along the street you will find several hotels, bars, restaurants and high-quality shops.

The garden is an excellent choice for people who want to avoid the atmosphere of the beach. The beach has all the amenities you would expect from a top beach, toilet, showers and lifeguards etc. Plus, there’s Chiringuito’s along the front that serves food and drinks throughout the day, plus the shops on the waterfront. This area has spent millions of euros on it and it shows. This is one of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol with very clean water and sand.

Explore the outdoors at La Bateria Park, a charming green space in Torremolinos. Discover the shops in the area or look for their local tours. When you book your trip with Travelocity, you are never far from the attractions of Torremolinos. After all, the money you save when you plan a trip with us is best spent on the road. Whether it’s the roar of the city you crave or the quiet solitude that comes with a simpler outing, everything you need to get started is here. This peaceful and wild oasis is something you are sure to appreciate after the hustle and bustle of the tourist coastline.

It’s not hard to see why Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Orson Welles and Frank Sinatra chose this beach to enjoy the Mediterranean in the 1950s and 60s. In addition to the sand, you can enjoy a beautiful promenade and numerous Vakantie Carihuela shops, bars, restaurants and beach clubs in one of the most characteristic parts of the city, which is a must-see. If you go west, you will reach the small beach of Saltillo and then Puerto Marina in Benalmádena.

If you come to Torremolinos in the summer, you will certainly have a good time. It offers visitors a pleasant atmosphere with a playground, merry-go-round and even an artificial lake with rowing boats. Other dining options include the many beach bars and restaurants along the promenade, an ideal place to stroll at sunset. The Plaza de Toros is a historical architect in which bullfighting, also known as the culture of the Spaniards, still takes place. After entering the shopping area, see Spanish culture and history through the arena and the areas around it. If you want to know this place in detail, you should book a tour of the whole area.

In mid-July, the fishing villages of the Costa del Sol celebrate the feast of the Virgen del Carmen, the protector of fishermen. Torremolinos celebrates a parade with an image of the virgin as its centerpiece. When the parade arrives at the port, locals put the effigy on a boat to sail.

There are two important days of the street market in Torremolinos. One of them is on Thursday, where you get everything from plants, fruits, clothes, vegetables and household items. On Sunday the following has antiques, second-hand items and crafts. Both are located on the fairgrounds on the edge of Avenida de Real. If you want more shopping opportunities, consider exploring the Malaga route in the Andalusian city, within walking distance of Torremolinos.