Choosing the Best Grill Pans

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a new grill pan, but you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, there are a few brands you can trust. Lodge, All-Clad, and Tramontina are some of the more popular options for cookware. Let’s explore the differences between these brands. Ultimately, choosing the best grill pan for you will depend on your preferences and budget.

Lodge brand

Lodge cast iron grill pans are a great choice for a wide variety of grilling tasks. The ribbed design of this pan allows the grease to drain away from the food, and the cast iron material is seasoned to resist rust and corrosive elements. A Lodge cast iron grill pan is an excellent choice for making burgers, steaks, and other grilled foods. They are available for under $20 during sales. Get more information on napoleon vs weber reviews here.


If you’re looking for a quality grill pan, All-Clad is one of the best choices. Their grill pans are made with heavy gauge hard-anodized aluminum and are designed to cook food quickly and evenly without the use of oil. All-Clad grill pans can be used on both gas and electric cooktops, and they’re also dishwasher safe. Read on for more information about All-Clad grill pans.

Smithey ironware

If you love the taste and look of grilled food, you should buy one of Smithey Ironware grill pans. These durable cookware pieces are great for grilling, especially for year-round use. The raised interior ridges and polished peaks of the Smithey Ironware No. 12 Grill Pan make it the ideal grilling companion. These pans feature a diagonal ridge layout that allows the food to be rotated 90 degrees.


Whether you’re grilling on a gas or electric cooktop or cooking in your home oven, the Tramontina Gourmet Tri-Ply Clad 11″ Grill Pan is a versatile tool for cooking any meal. Its gradated porcelain-enamel exterior and smooth ceramic interior coating ensure even heat distribution and fast, easy cleanup. Made in the USA and with a lifetime warranty, this pan will be a cherished part of your kitchen. Read more about the best grill pans here.

Tramontina Whatever Pan

The angled sides of the Tramontina Whatever Pan allow for easy flipping of burgers and steaks. Its nonstick surface is dishwasher safe and induction safe. It is oven safe up to 250 degrees Celsius. The pan comes with a glass lid with an escape valve. It also has two spouts for draining liquid. It is dishwasher and induction safe, but it will likely lose its nonstick patina after a few uses.

Tramontina Premiere Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Grill Pan

The Tramontina Premiere Ceramic Indoor/outdoor Grill Pan is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy grilling without the heat of the open air. Its heavy-gauge aluminum exterior and smooth ceramic interior coating combine to make cooking healthy and effortless. Among the TRAMONTINA STYLE collection, this product is suitable for both gas and electric cooktops and is made in the USA.

Le Creuset

After you’ve used your Le Creuset grill pan to cook up a delicious dinner, you may notice gunk or marks on the surface. If you’re not sure how to clean your Le Creuset grill pan, you can use hot water and a half cup of vinegar. Sprinkle some salt on the grill pan and pour the hot water over it. Then, scrub away with a nylon brush. Don’t use abrasive materials on the pan!

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