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Even walls get texture treatments through techniques like limewashing and paint products that mimic plaster finishes, says California designer Lindye Galloway. To achieve a cozy, layered look through furniture and accessories, look for a variety of materials such as natural stone, leather, wood, and metal, as well as high-textured fabrics such as bouclé. Overall, the aforementioned interior trends of 2022 are the ones to keep in mind. However, some notable mentions also include biophilic themes, bursts of bright colors, wall and ceiling ornaments, textures, terracotta, colors of the year, painted doors, and vintage accents. While some of these are newer trends, many old ones also come back to mix things up.

2022 will be an interesting year for interior design, as we collectively try to return to normal. Still, it’s a new normal, and many of us will continue to spend a lot of time in our homes for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re moving into a new home, renovating your current home, or even considering any of these ideas, it’s important to choose furniture, décor, and finishes that won’t look dated next year. Just because natural materials are fashionable doesn’t mean you can’t be colorful. An accent wall in the living room in a deep green (did we mention green is good?) adds depth and accentuates reflections on your shooting pads or a plush rug. The interior trends of 2022 are not only limited to the interior, but also extend to the exterior.

Natural fibers, products made from recycled materials, vintage furniture and products made to order. This summer 2022, the trend of interior design will also change your home and your way of life. On the way to renewing your interior, make careful decisions and donate, sell or recycle items you no longer need. “‘Color of the Year’ selections correlate with where we are as a society,” says Ginger Curtis, owner and chief designer of Urbanology Designs. “People need healing spaces that are restorative and calming.” She hopes that these earthy greens will be combined with other nature-inspired colors, such as azure, warm brown and soft gray. “We’ve seen many customers use rich chocolate brown colors and lighter camel colors for their interiors,” Zandy Gammons and Liles Dunnigan of Miretta Interiors in Raleigh, North Carolina.

With that in mind, I’ve explored the interior trends and design styles of 2022 to share with you. Housewives are becoming confident from the inside out when it comes to decorating in the 2022 paint color trends. And while our love affair with wallpaper is a lifelong romance, there’s always room for a little seasonal adventure with creative painting ideas. This style takes elements of others, natural materials and looks inspired by nature, to create its own distinctive atmosphere.

This is reflected in the colour trends of 2022 and also in the way we decorate our homes (for example with plants). Furniture and decoration in natural materials is an easy way Modern home interior ideas to create a natural look in your home. Be sure to choose items where the materials are ethically sourced. And this interior trend of 2022 adds fun and pattern to your home.