12 Creative Real Estate Marketing Tips

The idea of building brand awareness and generating new leads is to organize a local real estate seminar. Use publishing media: While social media is useful for posting short pieces of information, it’s not as useful for posting rich content. Many real estate agents publish articles on publishing platforms because they can entice readers to explore their business further. For example, posting an article on Medium with the simple title “5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home Value” can help drive traffic to your property website. While branded materials are a traditional real estate marketing idea, putting your own spin on materials will increase the chances of being remembered by potential customers.

Your social media profile is ideally synonymous with real estate. The 4 P’s of real estate marketing are highly respected principles. All successful real estate marketing strategies use these four approaches. They are the model for developing an effective marketing campaign on social media platforms, blog posts or virtual tours.

For example, you send a different email campaign to sellers than you send to buyers or investors. You can also select email marketing campaigns based on levels of interest, such as new acquaintances versus potential customers who are ready to look at homes. Creating a website, running a blog, developing email marketing techniques, and paying for ads on Google Ads are all well-known marketing strategies in both residential and commercial real estate. But 2022 is going to change the way many of these tactics are used.

Real estate agents and real estate agents should see these events as an opportunity to network to connect with other professionals and sponsor events for added brand awareness. Since you’re targeting buyers and sellers within a specific area to position yourself as a neighborhood expert, you need to include information that’s relevant to your ideal customer types. To help design and create neighborhood guides, hire a freelance designer through Fiverr.

For more ideas, be sure to use the tips above to get the most out of your marketing efforts. If you still rely on cold calling, hanging flyers, or ads on the local bulletin board, you’ll lose a large pool of potential audiences. Digital marketing is much more fashionable than traditional marketing. With the real estate agent marketing help of a digital real estate marketing agency, you can reach your target audience while creating an impressive and lasting impact. You can check out our guide on digital marketing for brokers to learn more about this. An important part of your real estate marketing strategy should be to have a website.