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grain cleaner

If you are in the market for a grain cleaner, there are many options available. You can purchase a Metra Group grain cleaner or a Newton grain cleaner. The best grain cleaner will depend on your needs and the amount of grain you will be cleaning. The cleaner should have a large surface area to remove the trash and the foreign materials.

Newton grain cleaner

The Newton grain cleaner is available in portable and stationary models. Both models offer high-volume cleaning capacity. They can be rented or purchased at a reasonable lease-to-own cost. Portable models are a good choice for farmers who clean grain at multiple locations. In addition, they are self-contained, and can be fed from an overhead bin.

The Newton grain cleaner is easy to use. The aspiration system is integrated into the unit, so there is no need to change screens manually. It also features a screen cleaning system that brushes the screen continuously, eliminating the need for hand-cleaning. The cleaning process takes just a few minutes and the machine is easy to maintain, thanks to its low-maintenance design and low-rated power consumption.

OSC scalper

An OSC scalper for grain cleaner is a pre-cleaner that separates the coarse fractions from the starting material. It can be used in conjunction with an ALS grain cleaner or as a standalone cleaning unit. The scalper has one large vibrating sieve and is recommended for starting materials that contain more than five percent impurities. It can also be used for organic and eco-materials. The scalper is often used with an ALS aerodynamic separator and can be installed on the feed hopper. The scalper is also referred to as a stationary unit.

The GCS Scalper comes with standard 8 or 11-mm screens. It also features captured rubber balls to prevent screen blockage. The scalper is powered by a 0.55-kW electric motor that runs off a generator. This means that it can be used anywhere, even in a remote location. It can also be easily installed into a ute tray, which means it can be easily integrated into your grain handling setup.

Metra Group grain cleaner

The Metra Group grain cleaner is a multifunctional machine that cleans grains. It separates different types of grains into fractions based on their density. Its efficiency is huge and it delivers top-quality crops. Furthermore, the Metra grain cleaner is easy to operate and maintain. Its digital indicator displays the ideal cleaning and calibration speeds for different crops. Moreover, the grain cleaner is also equipped with a reverse mode for easy clearing.

The Metra Group was established in the agricultural industry in 2014. It began distributing equipment for cleaning grains. This allowed it to develop expertise and become a friend to the farmers. This collaboration helped the Metra Group introduce its high-quality grain cleaners under the Metra brand.

Newton grain separator

The Newton grain separator is a multi-purpose machine that is ideal for cleaning and separating many types of grains. It features a patented cleaning system that uses gravity, and there are stationary and portable models to fit any grain handling environment. These machines are easy to maintain and use because they have few moving parts, and they have very low rated power consumption. Read more about flaking mill here.

A portable Newton grain cleaner has all of the outstanding functions of the stationary model, but it’s also incredibly easy to move to another location. It requires only a three phase electrical supply and some type of handling system for the grain and cleanout materials. It also has its own feed system, which can be fed from an overhead bin.

Kwik Kleen grain cleaner

The Kwik Kleen grain cleaner is an inexpensive way to clean grain quickly and efficiently. It removes dirt, weed seeds, and insect debris. It also helps improve air flow through the commodity. There are two models available, each with a different cleaning process. The units can clean up to 100 tonnes per hour. They can be used for a variety of different crops, and are easy to use.

The Kwik Kleen grain cleaner is compact and portable, allowing the operator to clean and size grain quickly. It runs at 520 to 550 revs and can be easily moved from one field to another. A yellow handle controls the flow of grain into the machine.

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