Ways to Make it Through the Day With a Smile

There can be some days in your life or the weekday that you feel as though will never ever get over. They can be the most boring of days and you might feel like tearing your hair out in frustration over them. You would wonder how you go about wearing a smile throughout the day and sailing through it. Here are the five ways to do just that and once you have survived the day you will be able to look back at it and smile.

Think of the best moments of your life

The moment you feel frustration build up in you, think of the last holiday that you had or a time in your life when you were at your happiest. It could be the day at the park feeding the ducks, or a day rock climbing or a day when you didn’t lift a finger and just lazed around in bed. The best moments are usually at the time of a holiday when you could relax, feel the waves lap at your feet and just while the time away. It could also be a time when you were gifted something that you least expected like a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

Go for virtual shopping spree

A virtual shopping spree right from where you are seated is certainly going to get the broadest of smiles on your face. It does not matter if you don’t have enough money in your wallet, remember it is virtual! You can go shopping and think of buying the next pair of fake reps jordans or the next dress for the new season. Shopping can always bring about the most wonderful of smiles and retail therapy never ever goes wrong. It works like instantaneous magic.

Email and text friends

Feeling close to your friends and catching up with them will always bring a smile to one’s face. You will feel enlightened and cheerful when you are in contact with your friends and the time will pass by without realizing it and before you know it the day might be almost half done.

Catch up on all the office grapevine

Who doesn’t like to be a part of the office grapevine and there can be nothing more interesting than catching up on what is happening in your colleagues’ life. You might also get to know some gossip that will leave the smile on your face throughout the day.

Think of the weekend that is just round the corner and what are you going to do. If all of the above do not work then the last one is bound to. Think of the weekend and what your plans are for it. This will certainly bring the broadest of smiles possible on your face and you will be left smiling for the next few hours.

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