New Year’s Eve Rome 2022 The Best Things To Do

She is the founder and editor of this blog and prefers that all her days include coffee, ice cream and wine. When the clock strikes midnight, you should have a glass of sparkling wine in your hand. Leave champagne behind in France and find a bottle of sparkling Italian champagne like prosecco to welcome in the New Year.

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, the city of Dante and great artists, is a great setting for New Year’s celebrations. In addition to being the cultural capital, it’s a city where it’s easy to go crazy in plenty of entertainment. The streets of the historic center are animated by different types of shows, in short, Florence is a city that meets everyone’s needs, even on New Year’s Eve. Live music and DJ sessions until late at night are held with strict views of the lake. Como gets a winter makeover beautifully illuminating the monuments of the center, with architectural projections of the Como Magic Light Festival and the traditional Christmas markets.

Wanted in Rome is a monthly English-language magazine for expats in Rome, founded in 1985. The magazine covers news from Rome that may be of interest to English- and Italian-speaking residents, as well as tourists. The publication also offers advertisements, photos, information about events, museums, churches, galleries, exhibitions, fashion, food and local travel. Italy banned public New Year events and ordered nightclubs to close from December 30 to January 31, 2022, under new restrictions announced by the government two days before Christmas. Sales of red underwear peak in December in Italy, as everyone wants red underwear to wear on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day.

If you are a music lover, another great tradition is the concert at the Teatro La Fenice. In addition to the closure of nightclubs, all public New Year’s Eve celebrations are prohibited in Italy, from concerts to countdowns. At midnight, every major city sounds like a battlefield, which causes a lot of problems for animals.

In the run-up to New Year’s Eve, many market stalls and shops in Italy are starting to sell red underwear. Apparently, wearing red underwear brings good luck for the coming year. However, to Treno bernina make the most of this happiness, Italians wear only red underwear on December 31. However, for red underwear to be truly lucky, it should only be worn in NYE and discarded the next day.

On New Year’s Eve in Rome, one of the highlights is the fireworks, along with many free concerts and delicious food everywhere. Read on to discover the unique ways you can welcome the New Year as you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rome. Orvieto is one of the most popular destinations for a special wine. During the winter season, the whole season becomes a festive atmosphere and generates a lively atmosphere with interesting jazz sounds. The Umbrian Jazz Festival ends with a “Last Jazz Supper” in the Duomo of Orvieto, especially during the New Year’s eve outcome. It is one of the best places to visit in Italy for New Year’s Eve, where people can get a unique experience.