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The contribution of labor costs is greater than the cost of material during carpet production. Hand-knotted carpet shows the least loss of wear of the pile and the highest compression recovery when wool is used as a pile. Hand-knotted wool carpet shows greater compression than untreated and treated jute carpets. Even if you see hotels and restaurants that have a lot of traffic in our hours, wool carpets are usually used instead of any other type of carpet material. Even at home× one can use an 8×10 wool carpet for a living room and a small carpet for a bed in the bedroom. If you compare wool carpets to silk, wool carpets are more ideal for a busy area and silk carpets are generally preferred for an area with little traffic.

In the bedroom, it is best to choose warm handmade carpets in soothing colors, while in the living room you can choose stylish or eye-catching designs. Carefully thinking about the characteristics of each room in your home will help you choose the ideal carpet model. Visit Little-Persia at 11 Commerce Street to find the perfect item for your interior, whether it’s a silk carpet or an antique carpet to add character and elegance to your home. For something more modern we have a selection of contemporary Gabbeh or Kilims and we even have a selection of traditional and modern machine made carpets through our sister website Love-Rugs. Little-Persia has it all with Scotland’s largest collection of over 2000 oriental carpets to choose from.

With each passing year, fewer artisans create these beautiful works of art. With this in mind, along with the other benefits of these carpets, buying hand-knotted carpets is a good investment. When color, texture, and design come together, they create an extraordinary work of art that adds a lot of style to your home, workplace, or any other area. Consequently, all these factors make it desirable to buy handmade carpets and carpets. Now we’ll look at the ways handmade carpets can improve health. There are different types of Berber carpets, each with its own unique design.

The best quality, sturdy wool and most luxurious silk imported from China are destined for the manufacture of our wool carpets and silk carpets. Synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon are often used in machine-made carpets. Natural carpet materials such as wool and silk last much longer and are extremely luxurious.

It is then tied around a chain thread and knotted into place. The weaver weaves the story around the warp threads and works in rows. Once the handmade carpet price in india desired design is completed, the carpet is cut to create a uniform look. Hand tufting is another popular method of making handmade carpets.